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Cosplaying the New Wonder Woman

Rich Kirby
Comparison of Gail Gadot and Methyl Ethyl Cosplay as Wonder Woman

Crafter and cosplayer Morgan Clayton has been turning heads and winning awards at conventions lately with a Wonder Woman costume notable for a couple of reasons beyond its overall exquisite workmanship. First of all, it is modelled after the new Themiscyran Princess battle garb worn by Gail Gadot in the yest-to-be-released Zack Snyder film, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Secondly it makes heavy use of foam, painted and treated to resemble leather. She has gone the extra mile on her Facebook page to thoroughly explain each step of the process, in pictures, text and video, and has posted additional work on her Instagram account as well.

Morgan had to make educated guess regarding what the rear of the costume looked like becasuse there was but that single picture available as a reference (The left side of the photo above; Morgan is shown on the right, in a photo by Mad Scientist with a Camera) but more details have become available since the release of these photos at a recent Licensing convention in Las Vegas.