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Pyramid Schemes: "Silent Hill" Cosplay

Rich Kirby
Pyramid Head Cosplay

Long-time fans of the ground-breaking psychological horror series of Silent Hill video games and its many offshoot media will undoubtedly have a lot of hang-ups to lay at the feet of the developers (They'll never look at nurses the same way again, that's for sure). But nothing in the game and its dozen-something sequels and movie treatments quite packs the wallop -- psychological or otherwise -- of Pyramid Head. Who or what he or it is has been the source of endless speculation by players, and to publisher Konami's credit and our frustration, the mystery has endured since the monster's first appearance in 2001's Silent Hill 2

Russian photographer and digital editor Darya Ánima Polyanskaya has managed to perfectly recreate Silent Hill's signature scary sepia saturation. The before and après Photoshop pictures below illustrate just how much the process contributes. Below the pictures, the boys at Baltimore Knife and Sword show how they tackled a build of Pyramid Head's over-sized butcher knife. 

Pyramid Head Cosplay, Before and After Photoshop

Pyramid Head Cosplay, Before and After Photoshop

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