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Submerged: ColossalCon 2015

Rich Kirby
Bombshell Mera (Aquawoman) and Sailor Moon at ColossalCon 2015

Ever wonder what a Cosplay Convention at a water park would be like? No, neither did we... But if you get curious, each summer the town of Sandusky, Ohio plays host to ColossalCon at the Kalahari Resort and water park. How's a water park con different from the conventional kind? For one thing, the lighting's a lot better. For another, you'll see a heckuva lot more mermaid cosplay. And the organizers don't freak out so much at the mock gunfights, because: water pistols. Then there's that Magikarp Water Pokemon guy...

Intrigued? Of course you are. Happily, guerilla film-makers Beat Down Boogie were on hand last weekend in Sandusky to capture all the karaoke, limbo dancing, baby tigers and the rest of ColossalCon 2015 in their own inimitable fashion:


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