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Vancouver Fan Expo 2015

Stacey Roy
Cosplayers at Fan Expo Vancouver 2015

In the last ten years conventions have substantially risen in popularity, specifically of the “nerd” and “geek” variety.In April 2015, Fan Expo Vancouver stacked up, at the VCC. Set in the heart of downtown Vancouver, the Vancouver Convention Center is a brand new, state-of-the-art, eco-friendly building that stands next to the waters of Coal Harbour. It. Is. Breathtaking.

Inside, we were directed down giant escalators to the main hall. Cosplayers were in the best of spirits, stopping every five feet for a photo or three. Like all conventions, the entry was jammed with swarms of fans. Conventions are often largely about the vendor hall and Fan Expo did not disappoint! There was a seemingly endless maze of fantastic booths dedicated to amazing products and often even more amazing art!  From the slick t-shirt designs of the Filthy Casual boys, to the incredible art by Mike Roshuk, if you don’t find something here worth buying, you don’t belong at a convention. 

The guests are always a big part of the fun.  The legendary William Shatner was joined by Carrie Fisher and a myriad of other stars. Karen Gillian had to cancel last minute, much to the dismay of at least a dozen cosplaying Doctors. While the panel selection was fairly limited, there were a myriad of fantastic panels aimed at cosplayers including several focused on costume making and the local cosplay community. The 501st brought along a hallway’s worth of fun games and activities for their popular “children’s hour” panels.

Some incredible costumes were on display throughout the weekend including Master Chiefs, a full metal Sauron, and the always impressive 501st Stormtrooper legion. Vancouver really brought its A-game this year. Andy Rae Cosplay brought her Jupiter and Snow White, much to the enjoyment of her many fans. Dayna Baby Lou, Ireland Reid, The Desu Dolls and Lunar Crow were also looking great and having fun.

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